Why Arli?

Through a series of unfortunate events I found two things never wavered…
~ My children. They were my oxygen. They kept me focused on what was most important, and they kept me strong.
~ My love of art was my heartbeat. I turned to it to keep my soul alive. Looking back, I find my sketchbooks full of drawings, even during the times I thought creativity had left my life.
When love finally came along, Cameron showed me that making art was my most important job, and so ‘Arli Design’ was born. Taken from letters of my name, ARLI are also the letters owned by the ones in my life that I care for.
A is my daughter. She is dynamic and unique. Throughout our years together she has shown the kind of strength, authenticity and love I look to for inspiration.
R is the little dog my children and I chose together. She brought pure joy into our lives and really is the sweetest thing in the world.
L is my son. He is a strong and gentle soul who takes all things in his stride. His humour and maturity has me smiling everyday, and he keeps my heart light.
And I is for me.
Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing something I made may, even just for a single moment, bring something good into someone’s day. I make art from my heart which connects me. Sometimes that connection reaches others. I rarely know what I will make until it appears from the marks I have put down. It makes me think it is not something I created, but something already there that I helped to form. When I am told that my picture made them laugh, brought them a memory, or helped them see something new in themselves, it makes me glad I do what I do.
It is often a struggle but it is the second most worthwhile thing I have done in my life, after being a mum x