don’t lose it

Dont Lose It 2013

“Don’t Lose It”

Acrylic, Collage and Ink on Canvas ~ Approx 1200mm x 750mm ~ AVAILABLE FOR SALE

This is a painting that reminds me that we are unique and individual, and life circumstances sometimes blurs that knowledge of ourselves. The character in the painting seems to be keeping a tight hold of a part of herself that threatens to float away if she lets it go.

I recently entered this painting into the Boyup Brook Art Awards and was thrilled to learn that it was chosen as the winning entry for the IGA Open Prize. But the most rewarding thing was hearing about how a group of teenage students were drawn to sit at the painting and interpret it in a way that they understood. I was so pleased that the special message that I needed to know all those years ago was understood by the students that were looking at it. Sometimes I ask myself why do I bother with the hours I put into  painting when I have so many “jobs” to do and bills to pay, but then I hear this and it all makes sense!